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 Frequently Asked Questions

  Why does my business need a web site?
Today, more than ever, the Internet has become your customer's first reference guide. It is used more than the Yellow Pages to locate businesses and services. A web site allows your business to reach millions of people worldwide, providing customers with your company's information, services and products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your clients or potential customers will no longer find it necessary to wait until your normal business hours to find information about your company or to purchase a product. A web site allows you to post customer service information allowing your customers to access it at their convenience and thus reducing your customer's frustration and the time your employees have to spend on the phone answering questions.

Can my business afford a web site?
When compared with the price of an ad in the Yellow Pages directory, having a web page can be a very cost-effective way to advertise your business. Changing and updating information is much faster and less costly with a web site than with traditional print work. California Web Solutions offers a full range of web site solutions to meet your needs. Please see our web development page to find out how little it will cost to put your business on the Internet.

Can I start off with a small site and grow it later?
You can start off with a single page web site and slowly increase the size of your web presence at your pace. California Web Solutions will design a site to meet your needs and we will be happy to add features and pages to your web site when your business grows. Once the original site is established it is easy to change and add to it.

Do I need to maintain my Web Site once it has been created?
Once you have established your web site it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. The primary reason people use the Internet is to find information, so it is important to keep your site current. Updates and new information keeps customers coming back. As your business grows your web site should be updated to reflect the changes. California Web Solutions offers a range of maintenance options to help you keep your web site current.

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